Holiday cottages - find a break in the UK

A cottage break is ideal if you prefer to make up your own entertainment. Holiday cottages tend to be individual accommodations, which are great for seeing the local area, but don't have all the entertainment "ready made" for you like a larger holiday park does.

Depending on the type holiday of holiday you're after, a cottage holiday can be either a good thing, or a bad thing! If you want children's clubs, swimming pools, and entertainment provided throughout the day and night, a holiday park is the way to go. We have tried to bring you some holiday park school holidya bargains for holidays in the Easter Holidays, Half Term Holidays, Summer Holidays or Whitsun Holidays. If, on the other hand, you fancy something a bit more individual, a cottage holiday could be right up your street. Whether you're looking for a week or two away from the routine, or want a few days to relax, a nice cottage could well be for you.

Holiday cottages by the beach ...

If you live inland, how about renting a holiday cottage near the beach? Kids love the beach at any time, and it also does us adults good to forget about the world and spend our days playing with the nippers - there's nothing quite like an early morning swim in the North Sea to make you forget about any other worries you may have...

... or a cottage break in the countryside.

If you don't fancy a cottage by the sea, how about a countryside retreat? Maybe a cottage near a farm could be for you. If you're a city dweller, then waking up to the sound of the local cows might appeal.

Finding those school holiday deals

Finding those school holiday deals is the problem though, we're looking at ways to show you holiday cottages where a special offer is being shown - we're just not quiet there yet. In the mean time, have a look at a good selection of holiday cottages available across the UK.