Hotel Orquidea in Gran Canaria

We recently took our own advice and took a holiday with Thomson Holidays to Gran Canaria during the Whitsun school break. We were looking for a relaxing holiday, where the whole we (mum and dad) could spend a little time relaxing, and the kids wouldn't be bored. After having a look round we decided that the place for us was the Hotel Orquidea in the resort of Bahia Feliz.

We chose the Hotel Orqidea for several reasons:

Sun - This was the top priority. Plenty of sun. We wanted to spend the week mooching around the pool/beach, and playing with the children. The Canary Islands are well known for providing year round sun, so this was deemed our holiday destination of choice. Further more, Gran Canaria was the island we wanted to go to.

Short flying time - Gran Canaria is also one of the closest places to fly to during Whitsun where you are pretty much guaranteed the sun. Another good reason for choosing Gran Canaria as our holiday destination of choice.

All Inclusive - The Hotel Orquidea is an "all inclusive" hotel. We thought this would be a good move and hopefully stop the kids complaining that they were thirsty/hungry all the time. It worked!

Four star - As we were going to be eating in the hotel all the time (being all-inclusive), we wanted to make sure the food and restaurant would be somewhere where we would want to return to; for this reason we plumped for a four star hotel.

Near the airport - Choosing your holiday resort based on the distance it is from the airport maybe not be top of the priority list when choosing your holiday, but it's nice to know you haven't got to spend hours on a coach to take you to your destination at the start of the holiday, and then hours back again at the end of your holiday. The resort of Bahia Feliz is one of the closest resorts to the airport on the island of Gran Canaria, so the transfer time is only about 15 minutes.

Big tour operator - We've been on holiday "pre children" with small tour operators, and things don't always go according to plan. This is OK when there's just the two of you, but when you've got children to think of, you want to make sure all will go according to plan. So for this holiday we went with Thomson holidays - the Hotel Orquidea is only available through Thomson holidays too.

There you go - the Hotel Orquidea it was...

So there you have it we decided that the Hotel Orquidea was the holiday destination for us. We had a fantastic time there too - the kids loved the food, clubs and pools. And as the kids were happy, so were we. Have a look at our review of the Hotel Orquidea for more information. If you've got a family, and are also looking for a nice break from it all, it's worth investigating this hotel. I just hope you have as good a time as we did!