Argos shopping - the perfect combination of online shopping and clickk & collect!

Right then, you've chosen a holiday. Got a great price, and booked it. The trouble now is, where do you go to get those last minute bits and bobs you need to keep the whole family happy for the duration of the holiday?

One place we find is great for all kinds of things is Argos. There are several really great things about Argos (even though it seems to get a bad press). They sell a wide range of products, so you can get something for everybody.

The products they sell are remarkably good value, and they often have a sale on, meaning the value gets even better (have a look at the latest goods which are at least half price from

You can "reserve" your goods online. So should you book a holiday starting tomorrow, you can nip straight onto the site and make sure all those things you need are in-stock. Once you've made sure they are in stock, reserve them, and pop down to your local shop to pay and collect. The beauty of reservations is that you won't then get to the shop and find out the thing you wanted has now been sold. Read more about reservation.

Anyway, I could drone on for days about; and none of us want that to happen. So if you think that maybe the shop for you, why not find out a bit more about them here: