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School bags

Rucksacks and satchels. With Paul Frank being all the rage

School Bags - with Paul Frank being the school bag of choice

The main purpose of School Holiday Deals is to find some holiday deals which are available during the school holidays. Now, however, we've decided to branch out. If you're looking for school holiday deals, the chances are you've got school age children - probably stating the bleedin' obvious there. So, as parents ourselves, we thought we'd also talk about some of the other things needed throughout the year - this time round we're talking about school bags.

A couple of school bags
Find some Paul Frank school bags

Rucksack or satchel style bags for school

I do understand that school bags aren't the most exciting of topics, nevertheless school bags are an important piece of kit to be had, and that's why we're talking about them here. There are two main types of school bas to choose from: the rucksack and the satchel style.


A recent convert to the world of rucksacks, our son now uses a rucksack for his school needs. Easy to carry, you can shove in all those bits and bobs you need for the day. The only drawback of a rucksack (over a satchel) is that there is more a chance that your homework will get a little creased.


We're not talking about an old fashioned 1940s style of satchel. The modern satchels are all the range nowadays. A satchel is the preferred choice of school bag for our daughter. To be precise a "Paul Frank" number is the school bag of choice.

Paul Frank

You may well have noticed that the bags above are mainly "Paul Frank" bags. The reason for this is that Paul Frank seems to be the bag of choice at the moment. Well, maybe for younger children. And for girls. Our 14 year-old doesn't have a Paul Frank bag - in fact, I think he'd probably disown me if I even suggested he liked Paul Frank. So just to clarify he doesn't like Paul Frank bags. Although our daughter does. Hope that's cleared up a treat.

Paul Frank bags are quite distinctive, with "Julius the Monkey" being a common feature.

School bags - your choice

There you are, a whole host of school bags to try. If you've stumbled across us looking for a holiday or, indeed, a school bag, I'm hoping you'll go away happy!